Write In Books are better than technology.  Why?

  • They work without electricity
  • They don’t get outdated every year
  • They’re quicker, especially if you want to write a quick note
  • Easier to organize
  • They’re permanent
  • They help you focus on one subject at a time

Writing something down is a powerful tool when you want to look for patterns or just want to dump all the whirling thoughts out of your head.

Write In Book Categories

  • Habit logbooks – everyone has a habit they want to change or get rid of.  Habit logbooks give you a dedicated place to record your habit and it’s progress so you can gain insight and see your patterns.  It’s a perfect first step to change your habit.
  • Guest books – do you love to entertain?  Guest books are for birthdays, holidays, friendships, entertaining or someone with a long term illness.  Plenty of guest books to select from, you’re sure to find one that suits your situation.
  • Journals – whatever we focus on, we have in our lives.  These journals are created in areas that are important to many people.  From work to relationships to memory.  Each journal is designed to give you a dedicated place to journal what’s important to you.
  • Celebration books – these are my favorite!  Write and celebrate everything positive about yourself or someone you know.  A wonderful tool for any relationship your want to grow.
  • Idea logbooks – you’ll love these books if you or someone you know is an idea person.  Inventor logbooks are in this category.

Amazon Author Page for H BARNETT


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